Natural World Exhibition Launches

Experience the heartwarming beauty of nature this spring at Byard’s exhibition. Our talented artists transport you to the serene English countryside, away from the chaos of city life. Delight in the intricate details of flora and fauna, perfect for both art lovers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Fabulous scenes adorn our walls for this exhibition, with artists Steven Outram, Fletcher Prentice, Rosemary Trestini, Katarzyna Klein, Alison Stockmarr, Mark Munroe Preston, and Helen Ward presenting their work to celebrate nature.

Our exhibition also displays a variety of sculptural and ceramics works from artists JJ Vincent, Emma Taylor, Elaine King, Sarah Grove, Joanne Cooke, Amelia Tuttiett, Reece Ingram, and Jane Muir.

Visit the gallery to see all this and much more!


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At its core, an art exhibition is all about presenting a collection of artwork to the public. It’s about giving artists an opportunity to share their vision and ideas with others, and for viewers to engage with and appreciate the art on display.