Rosemary Trestini



Rosemary Trestini studied at St Martin’s College of Art in London, going on to do an MA at the Royal College of Art. While there, she came under the influence of Professor Carel Weight and Roger de Gray, and her work moved from abstraction to the figurative. She realised she wanted to paint landscapes and moved out of London to the West Country, to surround herself with the subject matter that newly inspired her.

Whether in the every-changing weather conditions along the coastline of Tresco, or reflecting off the Thames, meandering through the city of London, light permeates Rosemary’s pictures. Describing herself as a ‘romantic painter’, she is drawn to powerful landscapes- the Isles of Scilly, the wide bleak vistas of the East Anglian fens. She often includes figures, miniscule amongst the overwhelming forces of nature that surround them. Endless variations of land and sky.

Rosemary’s work has been exhibited widely at galleries in Bath, Isles of Scilly, London, Cambridge, Surrey and Cornwall.