Rosemary Trestini



Rosemary Trestini produces contemporary fine art inspired by her surroundings in the West country and describes herself as a ‘romantic painter’ She takes special inspiration from the ever changing coastline of Tresco. She has also, over the past few years been drawn to the historic City of Cambridge and exploring the marshland and wide vistas of East Anglian Fens. The area has the same powerful sense of isolation as Tresco with the endless variations of just land and sky. She was born in Surrey and studied Fine Art at St. Martin’s College of Art before gaining her Masters in Fine Art from the Royal College of Art in 1976. Shortly after her studies, she moved from London to the countryside in order to be closer to the subject matter she paints. Her work has been exhibited widely at galleries such as Bath, Isles of Scilly, London, Cambridge, Surrey and Cornwall.