Helen Ward



Helen Ward is an artist and designer from Bristol, who is best known for her intricate Paper Entomology artwork. Her work takes inspiration from antique collections of butterflies and insects.

Helen began her creative career working as both a traditional bookbinder and as a paper engineer designing and making pop-up books. She started collecting antique papers during this time and now has an extensive collection of hand marbled papers. Most of these date back to Victorian times, but some are even older. Each different paper is entirely unique and has been made using traditional methods. Many of the red pigments used have been made from crushed beetle shells.

Each individual piece of paper in Helen’s work has been carefully cut and pinned into place with enamel entomology pins. Some works also have additional embellishment with leaf metals.

Helen currently shows her work across the UK and has exhibited in cities around the world including Paris, Brussels, New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Her work has been shown at the V&A Museum and has been commissioned as the prizes for the Observer Ethical Awards.

Collectors of Helen’s work include the Swedish Royal Family, the Royal Family of Thailand and British designer and presenter of Grand Designs, Kevin McCloud.