The Byard Art Treasure Hunt

12th – 18th February 2024

As a part of Cambridge Bid’s Cambridge Arts Festival, we’re excited to host the amazing Byard Art Treasure Hunt! With so many exciting events across Cambridge this week, we’re delighted to be a part of this Arts Festival. See more here.

This event, aimed at children, involves locating letter hidden around our gallery. With treasure map in hand, the treasure hunter’s job is to locate these letters.

Once all letters are located, they can be un-jumbled to spell out the secret pass phrase. Tell this secret pass phrase to a member of our team to unlock the treasure chest and win riches beyond your wildest dreams!

In addition to this, the grown ups who accompany the brave treasure hunters can add their emails to a prize draw, for the chance to win from a selection of prizes.


Art frames are an essential part of showcasing artwork. They not only protect the artwork, but also enhance its beauty and impact!

Colour psychology is a pivotal aspect of visual arts that influences the way we perceive and interact with artistic creations.

Art has the power to transform a space and elevate its aesthetic appeal. Incorporating art

Choosing art that complements your space is a creative experience we should all relish. But