Own Art Exhibition Launches

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Looking for an alternative payment method for your next artistic purchase? Do you find monthly payments preferable to one big spend? Are you looking to expand your art budget?

The Own Art Scheme is a 0% finance payment option for our clients. Supported by Arts Council England, the Own Art Scheme is an accessible method of buying painting, sculpture, jewellery, ceramics, and more.

If you’ve been saving up your art budget, or have your eye on a particular piece but aren’t ready to go for it yet, the Own Art Scheme might be just the thing you’re looking for. For example, with just a 10% deposit, you can take the piece home today, and simply pay off the 90% with zero interest over the coming months.

Our Own Art Exhibition launches on the 8th of February to highlight just how brilliant this system is. As a gallery, we’re able to offer an accessible alternate payment system, and as a buyer you are given much more freedom to buy art your way.

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