New Charity Raffle for Addenbrooke’s Charity Trust

Byard Art are delighted to be hosting a charity raffle in support of the Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust’s campaign to buy a surgical robot. Be in with the chance of winning one of Matt Browns coveted Robot creations whilst helping to contribute to this local cause.

The prospect of having an operation can be worrying for many people but a surgical robot can help to make the thought of surgery easier for patients. It can take months to recover from traditional, ‘open’ surgery but incisions made using robotic surgery are much smaller, reducing the risk of complications and infection, minimising scarring, pain, and discomfort, and helping patients recover and return home more quickly.

Addenbrooke’s currently has one robot which is dedicated to kidney, bladder, and prostate cancer patients. Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust’s (ACT) new appeal will help fund another surgical robot, revolutionising patient care across an additional six specialities in the hospital.
Matt Brown has created three characterful robots for the raffle. One which comes with its own first aid kit, and another features an amazing vintage light for the first time. Matt is master creator of sculptures made from recycled metals and vintage pieces which will intrigue you!

Emma Bray, Corporate Fundraiser at ACT said “We are delighted that Byard Art have chosen to support our Robot Appeal. Any funds raised will help transform surgical care for patient’s at Addenbrooke’s. Thank you so much to the team for supporting ACT.”
To be in with the chance of winning one or all of these wonderful works and to support this amazing local campaign you can buy tickets online or come into the gallery to take a look and get your tickets.

1st Prize – Lampbot, RRP £600
2nd Prize – First Aid Bot, RRP £400
3rd Prize – Little Red 3, RRP £200

Buy Your Tickets HERE

With such charming prizes and 100% of the proceeds going directly to the Hospice hospital, there’s no reason not to get involved! The draw will be held on Saturday 13th November at our Christmas Cracker opening.
The raffle begins on Thursday 7th October and will be drawn on Saturday 11th December.

To find out more about this cause please visit the website below;


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