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Lime Tree Garden

Although we have taken the decision to close the physical gallery- our online gallery is very much up and running. In fact, we are taking a step back to focus on getting our website spick and span, and uploading lots of lovely artworks for you to peruse in these strange and quiet times.

No point spending your quarantine staring at a blank wall though! Why not check out our online shop? Remember that any of our artworks over £100 are available to purchase online via the Own Art Scheme. This innovative scheme offers interest-free loans, allowing you to spread the cost of your purchase to suit you.

For so many years, you have been loyal to us, so this time, it’s our turn to be loyal to you! Take a look below to see what we are offering:


  • Free delivery within a 15-mile radius of the gallery and to London for everything over £300


  • Online catalogues of our upcoming shows


  • Ceramics and craft now available to purchase online as well as all artworks


  • Phone and email customer-service available Monday to Friday (you know we love to chat- so do get in touch!


Our next exhibition, Garden Delights opens on April 2. Garden Delights is the perfect exhibition for Spring and for anyone who (like us), is craving a little nature right now- celebrating all that is good in our gardens at this time of year. Hop online and take a look at what our artists create when they think of the gardens. We all need lovely things to look at- and now more than ever! Byard Art’s Garden Delights will be a springtime feast for the senses, with artists and makers spanning multiple media showing new works all based around the theme of gardens. Expect blossoming trees, skulking foxes and unexpected ceramic-ware, amongst many other delightful pieces!

Artists include long-time gallery favourites Fletcher Prentice and Jack Frame. Fletcher’s work is a celebration of the natural world, but also a celebration of paint itself. Natures exuberant characters and colours inspire him from his own rural Hertfordshire garden. These paintings are made up of tangled foliage, plumage and colour, his loose painting style describes the constantly shifting movement, nature at its best. His works are often described as reminiscent of the classical murals from Ancient Rome, large in scale, soft yet strong in colour and rich in detail. Jack’s blossoming trees on their gold leaf backgrounds are the perfect antidote to negativity! You can see all our exhibiting artists here.

We hope you are all staying safe, and taking care of yourselves and your loved ones. We can’t wait to welcome you back into the gallery when all this is over.

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