Conversation with Byard

If you’re anything like the majority of my friends then buying original artwork won’t be top of your priority list. It is not necessarily the fact that they don’t have the money to buy art, I think it’s more they haven’t thought about buying it. Throughout my life I’ve had a strong interest in art, drawing and painting from an early age, studying both fine art and art history. It was a natural progression for me to get involved in the art world. Working for Byard Art encouraged me to start my own collection.

If I’m honest then I must say I don’t have the surplus funds to spend freely on art but I have always managed to convince myself it’s worth it. It is possible to buy art work on a small budget. I’m the living proof. My flat is full of it. Just recently whilst on holiday in Devon I bought two beautifully hand carved Art Deco dog sculptures for just £12 each. I love them and they are now in pride of place on my dresser.

I do think that a large number of folk don’t think they can afford to buy art or shouldn’t and so don’t bother to even look. What they don’t realise is that there are many treasures to suit all budgets. Why not buy a beautiful handmade greeting card and put it in a little frame, enjoy your first coffee of the morning in a hand crafted ceramic mug, knowing it was lovingly made with talented hands rather than mass produced. Limited edition prints are often no more than a new pair of shoes and I’m sure your print would give you more pleasure and for a lot longer. Yes there are expensive pieces of art in galleries and yes you must consider buying carefully but there are ways to see your collection grow and for me this gives great pleasure and helps mark special periods of your life. When I got married, instead of a wedding list we asked friends and family to donate to our art fund so that we could buy art work that we ordinarily wouldn’t be able to afford. We would not only treasure this forever but we would also be marking an important milestone in our lives. We could have never afforded to buy what we did without the help of our nearest and dearest.

If you’ve ever been into Byard Art then I’m sure you must have heard us harp on about the Own Art Scheme. What a fabulous way to buy art. It’s a win win situation; you get to spread the payment over ten months and at no extra cost at all! I think it’s such a great scheme. Instead of paying for an extra couple of channels on Sky why not put that money towards paying off an original piece of art, it’s far more satisfying. So, Next time you are in Cambridge and find yourself walking past Byard or any other gallery for that matter, pop in and say “hello” and find yourself an affordable treasure to start your collection. I’ve got my eye on an amazingly crafted ceramic Horse Chestnut for only £150 which after a small deposit would work out at only £13.50 a month on the Own Art Scheme-less than a round of drinks in the pub!

Jessie White, Manager


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