Christmas Cracker 2021

13 Nov 2021 – 24 Dec 2021

Happy Holidays! Things are getting festive here at Byard with our famous Christmas Cracker 2021 Exhibition. Featuring a wide range of paintings, sculptures, craftwork, prints, and jewellery. Byard’s Christmas Cracker is the place to go to find that special gift for family and friends! You are guaranteed to find something you love!

In addition, our ‘Small Wall’ collection of works under £550 returns for 2021. This collection will include a wide range of paintings and mixed media work, so there is something for everyone! The entire collection is available to view online, or you can stop by the shop to talk with one of our experienced team members. If you would like to visit, however, please take a moment to read up on ourCOVID-19 policy, and get the NHS app

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Colour psychology is a pivotal aspect of visual arts that influences the way we perceive and interact with artistic creations.

Art has the power to transform a space and elevate its aesthetic appeal. Incorporating art

Choosing art that complements your space is a creative experience we should all relish. But

Nestled in the heart of Cambridge, Byard Art stands as a conduit for art enthusiasts