Cambridge Childrens Charity Week Exhibition

Footsteps of the Future – Children Helping Children

Opening June 8th 5pm -6.30pm, Saturday 9th 9.30am – 5.30pm, Sunday 10th 11am – 5pm

Byard Art is proud to be supporting Cambridge Children’s Charity Week by hosting a children’s artwork exhibition in our downstairs gallery. The exhibition will feature A4 canvases created by 5 – 13 year olds which will be along the theme of Cambridge! Pieces have been created from the children of St John’s College School as well as other schools around Cambridge and individuals who wanted to get involved.

The pieces on display will be for sale for a donation of £15 or more and all proceeds go to support some of the vital costs of the city’s many charities and voluntary groups that help local children and young people. Typically these are smaller groups who find it difficult to fundraise for themselves and are often unknown to many who live, work and study acrossthe City. These include the Red Hen project, which helps vulnerable families in north Cambridge become more resilient, and also the Cambridge Joint Playschemes – providing leisure activities for young people and children with moderate to severe learning difficulties. In 2017 monies raised were able to support 23 small charities and groups that find time and resources for fundraising a real challenge.

Find out more about the charity here –


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