Sarah Bowman



“I never begin a painting knowing exactly how it will end up. They start with the landscape and the windowsill or the table and the rest emerges later, the objects placed last, perhaps a curtain will slip in at the side as if a breeze floated in. Each element of the composition is a reaction to the last thing painted. I like to work on at a few paintings at a time so that they stay fresh.”

Sarah’s award winning work has been linked to the St Ives School, like the early to mid-20th century movement, she certainly finds her inspiration from the coast. However, equally important to her development was a trip to Tuscany in her late teens to see the Renaissance fresco paintings. Her use of windows framing a view is heavily influenced by Renaissance trompe l’oeil. Even her tonal values, the gentle muted palette occasionally illuminated by a flash of rather post-Renaissance electric pink, purple or blue reflect this influence.