Arthur Rank Hospice Charity Raffle

Byard Art are delighted to be hosting a charity raffle in support of the wonderful Arthur Rank Hospice.

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The Arthur Rank Hospice supports local residents living with advanced illnesses or life-limiting conditions, as well as those needing end-of-life care. The Hospice provides outstanding support for more than four thousand patients a year, completely free of charge.

And they need our help.

In these adverse circumstances, the Hospice continues to provide essential front-line care to patients and families across Cambridgeshire. However, the pandemic has already had a devastating impact on their ability to fundraise to sustain these vital services.

It is pivotal that the Hospice can carry on delivering essential care and services now, whilst also ensuring that these services remain sustainable in this uncertain future.  However challenging the situation, there is only one chance to get end of life care right, and we need to ensure that the Arthur Rank Hospice can do just that.

Find out more about the brilliant work of the Arthur Rank Hospice here

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Promoter: Sharon Allen, ARHC, Cherry Hinton Road, Shelford Bottom, Cambridge, CB22 3FB



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