New Works by Lee Madgwick and Beckie Reed

6 Oct 2022 – 30 Oct 2022

Featuring Sculpture by Emma Jean Kemp and Annette Townsend

Byard are excited to announce a terrific exhibition this month, sharing the work of Beckie Reed, Lee Madgwick, and Emma Jean Kemp. This much anticipated exhibition opens with a Meet and Greet evening on the 6th of October. Book your FREE tickets here!

Beckie Reed paints enchanting, dreamlike forest scenes which offer a sense of escapism to the viewer. With strong Cambridge ties, Beckie Reed has been an established and collected painter for many years, and Byard has been proud to exhibit her paintings for so long. Beckie’s paintings are shown across the globe, in personal and public collections.

Lee Madgwick’s enigmatic, atmospheric, surreal landscapes are as impactful as they are sought-after. Lee Madgwick’s paintings confront the viewer with isolated, quiet, and pensive scenes that explore concepts of natural reclamation, materialism, and other unspoken truths. While often empty, there is always a presence. Lee’s work is internationally renowned and collected.

Emma Jean Kemp is a sculptor conveying themes of self-reflection, particularly on defining moments in our lives. Whether literal, representational, or conceptual, Emma Jean Kemp’s sculptures are humanist, and display a personality and physicality that all can relate to. Emma’s work is shown in private and public collections worldwide.

Annette Townsend is a multidisciplinary artist and natural science conservator, displaying a fascinating collection of sculptures at Byard this month. Annette Townsend’s intricate detail and precision convey not only a talent for sculpture, but also a keen interest in celebrating the natural. We are delighted to exhibit this stunning collection, which will have each viewer looking twice.

A Tale Untold


Art frames are an essential part of showcasing artwork. They not only protect the artwork, but also enhance its beauty and impact!

Colour psychology is a pivotal aspect of visual arts that influences the way we perceive and interact with artistic creations.

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