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New Works by Alison Pullen and Frances Bloomfield

29 Apr 2021 – 30 May 2021

Byard are proud to present an exhibition of Brand new works by Alison Pullen and Frances Bloomfield featuring Donald Macdonald, who is making his debut at Byard this month.

Alison works in situ, creating her pictures from magazine pages, painting each piece from start to finish on location, capturing the essence of her surroundings in her work. After pouring through magazine pages, Alison begins to craft a sense of place in her work, adding cut-out pieces of solid colour and paint to transform the existing pages. The collages invite the viewer into the room, offering as much from up close as they do at a distance. Alison’s work contains so much detail that every viewing will offer a new experience.

Frances’s work can best be described as a series of fascinating dreamscapes exquisitely created in three-dimensional collage. Each piece is like a small theatre set which plays with space and perspective to draw the viewer into the curious worlds she creates. Notably there is always a suggestion of parallel realities – it might be a juxtaposition of what is considered ‘real’ and what is imagined or desired or the conflict between the façade and what could really be occurring behind it. However the meanings are not prescriptive and it is for the viewer to contemplate and reflect upon these mysterious scenarios.

Donald has always been fascinated by Photorealism. He creates 3 dimensional scenes using sketches and folded paper which have been previously drawn from memory, these are then placed in compositions and scenarios which are in turn are painted. This method is used to convey feelings, emotions, all the while recreating and copying life’s events in some way.

We look forward to welcoming you to the gallery to see these fascinating and inspirational artworks!

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