Figurative Exhibition 2021

4 Feb 2021 - 14 Mar 2021 Craftwork, Picture, Sculpture, Hand made original print

We are excited to show you our fantastic Figurative Exhibition for 2021! This exhibition features work from talented figurative artists such as Carol Peace, Maria Rivans, Kristin Vestguard, and more. The exhibition explores a wide range of figurative styles, from realist to abstract forms, with sculptures, paintings, prints, jewellery, and craft.

While the show includes a variety of visual styles, a focus on the human form shines through each piece. Visit the gallery today to see these amazing works in person!

Furthermore, each piece is available to browse online. The Figurative Exhibition 2021 Online Catalogue is coming soon, so click here to see our other catalogues. Additionally, you can email us with any questions and one of our lovely staff members will help however they can!