25th Anniversary Mixed Summer Exhibition, 2023

1 Jul 2023 – 3 Sep 2023

A very special exhibition for a very special year, Byard Art’s Mixed Summer Exhibition celebrates our 25th Anniversary! We have been so lucky to exhibit so much amazing artwork, and we would like to thank all our artists, clients, and staff for being with us every step of the way. Come and celebrate with us at our Mixed Summer Exhibition as we look back on 25 years of Byard Art. Here’s to 25 more.

This very special exhibition features work from over 40 artists, many of whom have been exhibiting with Byard for well over a decade or more. In celebrating 25 years, we are excited to pay tribute to our artists – old friends and new.

Gallery owner Ros commented: ‘It’s great fun and a privilege running Byard Art, finding exciting talented new artists for our discerning customers.  Over the many years, we have been in central Cambridge, we have got to chat with & know many wonderful clients who are starting to build and or develop collections. I have always been lucky to have an amazing, friendly, knowledgeable team always happy to help everyone, answer questions, arrange deliveries, and of course assist in finding the perfect artwork for our clientele.’

Autumn Tint


Art has the power to transform a space and elevate its aesthetic appeal. Incorporating art

Choosing art that complements your space is a creative experience we should all relish. But

Nestled in the heart of Cambridge, Byard Art stands as a conduit for art enthusiasts

At its core, an art exhibition is all about presenting a collection of artwork to the public. It’s about giving artists an opportunity to share their vision and ideas with others, and for viewers to engage with and appreciate the art on display.