Garry Raymond Pereira



“Without wishing to sound dramatic, my life has been and continues to be a devotion to painting.  It is the area that I feel most natural and accepted within.  Each new work is a challenge, offering up its own character and feel.  My aim always being to offer up something of its original source, some form of connection to the human condition, and a continuing investigation into the properties of paint.”

Garry Raymond-Pereira is a landscape artist specialising in painting the Highlands, Wales, the Lake District and the East Anglian countryside. Garry uses hand ground oil pigments and employs many traditional techniques. He makes his preliminary sketches on location, later working them into more refined works, ranging from miniatures to very large oils on canvas.

Garry completed his MA in 1998. Since then, he has been a full-time painter winning The Laing prize, The Hunters prize and the Public Eye prize. He has had many solo shows both in the UK and the US. He has also shown widely at art fairs in London, Singapore, Toronto, Dubai, Hong Kong, Spain, and USA.