Zoe Whiteside



British Ceramic Artist living & working in Shropshire, England. She studied at the Royal College of Art & Staffordshire, the historical heart of the UK potteries. She has worked from studios in London, Coventry, Brighton and Gothenburg (Sweden). Examples of her work have been exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Midici Galleries (London), Roger Billcliffe Gallery (Glasgow), Oxford Gallery, Leeds City Art Gallery, Museum of Mankind (London) and the Hannah Peschar Gallery (Surrey).
“My work is primarily a celebration of the animal with influence being drawn from many sources: T’ang sculptures, netsuke, cave paintings and antiquity. More recently I have returned to metaphor and narrative with my own dialogue, focusing particularly on bears and elephants. I try to capture the spirit of the animal with my modelling technique which is hand building using layers of soft clay. Large pieces carry an internal clay skeleton. I use my own slips and oxides and more recently glazes which are hand painted and multi-fired to achieve subtleties in surface, texture and colour.”