WYLD Woman



“Using yoga to grow personally and spiritually, Eva created a collection around its idea of samata: a state of harmony and balance. While wearing a yoga pose is not a replacement for making yoga, it’s a loving reminder of this fulfilling practice and what it’s aimed towards. So is the ring of the tree pose (vriksasana) a reminder of the quest for inner peace.

All pieces are made in London with responsible sourced materials. Here, Eva used fine silver, recycled from silver that circulates in the UK. Fine silver is very soft, and this can be felt on the skin by the wearer.

Born in Germany’s gemstone town Idar-Oberstein, Eva had the life-long dream to create her own jewellery. She has also been inspired by the book ‘Women who run with wolves’ and its story of the wild woman. The wild woman, who is in all of us, is collecting metaphorical bones to find her true self. Eva sees jewellery as a wonderful translation of these bones.”