Volker Kuhn



German artist Volker Kuhn was born in 1948 and studied Sculpture at the Bremen Academy of Arts, where he was honoured with the Young Advancement Award, given by the Bremen Senate. He previously trained as a Joiner and spent a period working as a Printmaker, producing miniature etchings, which are now collector’s items. Volker is well known for his series of ‘Art in Boxes’ three-dimensional wall pieces populated by small figures and animals. His sculptures are informed by ‘object art’ and the work of assemblage artist Joseph Cornwell. References to Dada, Surrealist and Pop Art can also be identified within his vibrant and humorous wall sculptures. His work has been featured in publications such as Die Welt, Der Kunsthandel and Berliner Morgenpost. Byard Art regularly exhibit his work at our gallery and at major art fairs in London.