Vanessa Stone



Vanessa Stone makes deceptively simple reverse layered collages by ‘drawing’ into a single sheet of paper using a scalpel. She adds paper from behind and cuts into that again resulting in pieces that are highly distinctive, clean lined and pared down. All of her work is hand cut using the very best coloured drawing papers. “I am often trying to capture something in its barest essentials of line, colour and composition. Paper cutting has a boldness to it that’s like nothing else. It’s about cutting away to bring forward, to make something real.”

Vanessa is hugely inspired by nature and the landscape around her, often capturing a time and a place from her travels around the UK and near her home on the Bedfordshire border. She also holds a passion for architecture, stating, “Buildings have always fascinated me, as they are so complex, full of beauty and memories. Translating them into paper takes that knowledge deeper; it’s like having a dialogue with the architect and all the people that have a connection with that building.”

Vanessa regularly exhibits in the UK, runs workshops teaching paper cutting to all ages and has work in private collections in England, USA, Netherlands and Finland.