Valerie Price-West

Craft Artist


Living in mid-west Wales on a small holding, in 2009 Valerie took the leap into doing a 3year Ceramic and 3D (Hons) degree at Carmarthen School of Creative Art and graduated 2012 with a 1st. Although my degree show and work over the first year to 18 months of graduating did not relate to what and why I went to do a degree it did however portray my interest in stamina, mental and physical strength in endurance.

The main reason for doing a degree was to learn as much as possible about clay, glazes, kilns, techniques, design and so on as it was the making of horses was the direction, I wanted go. To show my passion for horses, whom have always been a big part of my life.

I have depicted life and death in the Letting Go and War Horse Series. The ‘Let the Fun Begin’ horses with masked riders, are my guardians and protectors of all things good. They are unseen spirits riding together as one, totally in tune with each other. Ideas for this stem from my study of female warriors, not only were they great horsemen and highly skilled warriors they would die on the sword for what they believed in.