Tommy Carlsson



Tommy Carlsson lives and works in Långasjö (småland) and Stockholm. From 1981 he regularly participated in over 150 solo and group exhibitions in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, England and USA.

The realistic still life subjects and techniques of the 16th and 17th century significantly influenced and fascinated Tommy for the early part of his career. Over time, the objects in his artwork reflected this, increasingly gaining importance, while the background receded.
For several years now Tommy has concentrated his style of painting towards the intensive engagement between materials and surfaces, shadows and light. ‘The painting itself coming to live as a real object, its composition connecting and altering its subjects, in a way that creates something new, symbolic, realistic and illusion all at once’. Tommy’s motifs come from his surrounding environment and are painted in their natural proportions; they are often objects of symbolic significance. The objects and notable marks of their use reflect the spirit of time, preserved in the past, waiting to be explored. He describes his work as ‘opening a door to a seemingly real world, a new reality on canvas, an inviting room’.