Teresa Pemberton



Teresa Pemberton’s studio is at the edge of the River Lynher, near coast paths in Devon and Cornwall. Her work is unavoidably rooted in nature: its forms, moods and weather. Physically her paintings are large as well as small, tactile, sensual of surface and most of all concerned with colour which she explores in a constantly experimental way to find a powerful expression. The Scottish Colourists, the Fauves as well as Turner have all been great influences.

The work has its origin in real places and is underpinned by observational drawings in sketchbooks. However, back in the studio after walking and drawing there is a departure from the pure vision into other worlds where in the end the work is about the essence of paint itself. Layer upon layer, gouged into with knife, comb, wood as well as brush. The medium used is always oil on canvas, the tactile quality of the paint being as much the subject as the places where inspiration is found.

She is interested in the dichotomies of figurative and abstract, the decorative and realistic, detailed drawing contrasting with accidental marks; her work often explores the presence of still life objects within a landscape which enables contrasting elements to question each other.