Sophie Verger



Sophie Verger was born in Paris in 1953. As a teenager, she attended The Academy of La Grande Chaumière and evening art classes at Montparnasse 80. During the 1970s she studied at the Academy of Art Roedrer, as well as the school of Nissim de Camando.

Sophie’s long-term passion for sculpture is formed at the latter during drawing workshops at the Bourdelle Museum. At the École des Beaux-Arts she meets the sculptor Etienne Martin, who strongly encourages her to continue in her study of the medium, putting her on the path to follow a classical education at the Favrat Studio. She goes on to open her own studio where she models, draws and organises her own exhibitions.

Over the years, Sophie’s work has spanned many different genres. Amazed by an exhibition of fifteenth century German sculpture at the Louvre, she begins modelling draped Madonna-like figures with animal heads dressed in big drapes, which she shows at the 1995 Whitstable Festival in the UK. Her first large-scale show takes place in Château de Grouchy in Osny, France. In 2000 she wins an award for her animal themed work in the Lille exhibition ‘Sculpture and Garden’. This theme gradually becomes a source of inexhaustible inspiration for the artist and is a subject she continues to focus on today.

Sophie’s bronzes are shown in museums and private collections worldwide, including the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium and Netherlands.