Simone Webb



Simone Webb grew up in Oxfordshire, where she studied fine art. She continued on to study graphic design and illustration before moving back to her fine art roots. Simone spends her days in the studio creating limited edition prints and originals based on themes of fauna and flora. Exhibiting worldwide, from London to Hong Kong, Simone’s pieces juxtapose the beautiful with the morbid, offering euphoric moments emerging from stark backgrounds graced with fragile flowers to instances of despondency–often dark in appearance, yet remaining elegant. Tenses are enhanced by the unification of traditional and contemporary methods in which the final outcomes are formed. Whilst we often only get to view a fleeting moment of nature, she aims to create something of more permanence that can be observed at any given time. Fusing the past, present, and the ambiguous future of these elements highlights the beauty alongside the mundaneness that occurs throughout their natural life circle.