Sebastian Burdon



Sebastian Burdon (also known under the pseudonym Whatshisname) is a pop artist and product designer best recognised for his unorthodox approach by breaking common conventions of modern design. Burdon started making his first digital art at the age of 7 while using the Atari 130 XE and after moving to London in 2006, he has worked as an assistant and consultant to well established British artists. Burdon creates artworks using both digital and traditional techniques. He uses mediums such as resin and fiberglass for his sculptural work, silk screen prints and more unconventional materials such as butterflies and 3D printing. Burdon has explored various branches of the creative industry, having been heavily involved in contemporary and pop art by participating in projects displayed in London, New York, Verona and Berlin. The aim of his art is to delight the viewers with the unconventional, making them look twice at his work. He wants to encourage the viewer to look at surrounding world and question it in a divergent and curious way.