Sarah Grove



“My range of functional jugs and vases fulfil my love of both clay and stitch.  As a small child I pressed clay into surfaces and formed it around jars.  Now I take the delicate nature of textiles and make them permanent in porcelain. An interest in clay and stitch were passed to me by my mother and likewise handmade textiles and precious ceramics are passed from generation to generation.”

Sarah Grove graduated in Ceramics from Camberwell College of Art in 1996, and has since been exhibiting her sumptuous pieces at design shows and prestigious galleries across the UK.

Sarah plays with the concept and texture of textiles with her work, pressing porcelain slabs into plaster casts of deeply stuffed upholstered padding, buttoned silk, waffle and mock ostrich.

She says of her work, “There is a contrast between the soft pillow forms of the fabric and the cold, unyielding nature of the porcelain.”

The interiors of her ceramic pots reveal the artists workings and finger prints, left to reveal the presence of the maker with each individual piece.