Sarah Dalton



Sarah Dalton is a ceramic artist working in the UK. She exhibits and sells nationally and internationally. She holds a degree in Fine Art from the University of Manchester with a specialism in painting.

Sarah creates intimate vessels of delicate simplicity along with undulating sheets of framed ceramic wall art using fine white earthenware clay.  She paints with underglazes and engobes directly onto the bisque-fired clay. Her artwork is inspired by the unique combination of her wild North Pennine surroundings and her time spent living and working in China.

‘My aim is to create a sense of place that conjures up an atmosphere or a feeling. I am constantly experimenting with different effects of layering, mark-making and colour diffusion, and the varying ceramic forms and surfaces act as an alluring canvas.  My tiny tea bowls often show a single bird or creature in all its glory and mystery. The tea bowl invites a sense of intimacy as looking into it and around it reveals new delights, and a lightness of touch created with very fine Chinese brushes. Each tea bowl has a pool of fused glass in its centre, adding to the precious character of the individual piece.’