Sam Read



“I believe in painting from your inner source.”

Sam’s art making is centred around equanimity, change, assurance, timelessness and mystery. The single figure is the anchor, the multiple layers become my way into a conversation that is felt rather than explained. Her work deals with her past and memories and how they relate.

“The role of ‘memory’ is crucial. Our memories help us make sense of what has gone on in the past, and the past is the cornerstone of what gives us our sense of being who we are today. Memory, however, can be very selective and easily influenced.”

Sam Read specialised in Illustration during her BA hons Degree in graphic design at Exeter College of Art and Design. After graduation she soon replaced her Graphic Design work- where she was obliged to stick to precise briefs, with mix-media works of her own interpretation and imagination.

Sam now lives and works inside of Richmond Park as a gardener in a private house, alongside working in the art department of a Grammar school. She is never without a sketchbook to hand- jotting down fleeting images, memories and feelings that often develop into more in-depth ideas and detailed images. Although her works contain a dark mystery, the artist is not afraid of nostalgia and sentiment. She paints people, birds and flowers- a combination that often creates an unspoken symbolism to each work.