Richard White




I am a 39-year-old professional artist.  I paint everyday in my Suffolk studio spending months on one piece.

My inspiration comes from nature all around me. Trees or foliage, sea or water, light and shade.

I am drawn into corners of the landscape that could seem unremarkable but I find their complex structure and detail, often distorted by sunlight to be fascinating, full of color and a mass of intertwined shapes and abstract forms made by shadows.

Water is always of particular fascination to me. Whether it is the open sea or the woodland ponds.  The oceans empty horizon and repetitive movements are captivating, mesmerizing and instills contemplation and peacefulness.  Or, in a pond, the reflected distortion of the world around its edges is why I find it so interesting to work with why it is never far from my thoughts.

My paintings have their origin in my own photographs.  Then, through an intricate and labour intense process, which results in an array of tiny shapes, but depicts a unified visual effect, which is both abstract and figurative.   The more I paint the more I realise how important my process is to me.  The structure and control I need to have when painting.

I have exhibited mostly in the UK, but also New York, Miami and Paris.  I have had solo shows in London, with Hamilton’s Gallery and Myerson Fine Art.  I have been in various competitions including the Jerwood Drawing Prize and was a prizewinner in a national Channel 5 competition and had residencies in Aspen, Colorado, and Great Fosters Hotel.

At present I sell my work through art galleries/consultancies, privately and I take commissions .