Pete Hawkins



Pete Hawkins was born on 7th February 1980 in Panama City. He spent his childhood living in many different countries all over the world. After school he went to university and completed a BA honours degree in Business Studies. In 2005 he decided on a change of direction from his advertising job in London and became a full time artist. He enjoys working on different mediums using old school desks, doors or floorboards as he feels these objects already lend a sense of history to the art work. He is inspired by reflecting on childhood and the imagination of this time. Of his recent work he has said:
“I have returned to canvas and painted a series of rodeo paintings, inspired by some of my childhood spent in Texas. In parallel to this, I am completing a series of racehorse paintings after spending time with a trainer in Newmarket. By using the texture of the paint to give the subjects a feeling of movement I want the viewer to have a sense that the paintings are not static and are almost about to move before their eyes.”