Patrick Hurst



Patrick Hurst explores techniques to transform raw material, scrap or inexpensive mediums into refined objects. His art allows the viewer to  connect with the artwork and find a sense of calm  while appreciating an object for its formal qualities,  even before exploring the concept of its design.
Hurst has extensive experience working with resistant materials;  he intimately understands their characteristics and how best to exploit them. He regards a seamless, effortless finish as a high priority in his art and believes that with poor execution a great concept can be missed. For him, the manufacture of an artwork is as important as the final outcome, so he always strives for quality. Industrial production is now part and parcel with the way Patrick works. Hurst uses professional digital software in the design of the various areas of his practice, from paintings and digital prints to sculpture. Patrick started his practice in 2013 and since then has cultivated an impressive exhibition and commission history, showing throughout the UK and Europe.