Marie Thorslund is a Franco-Swedish artist who lives and works in Stockholm. She followed her graduate studies at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and also Master of Plastic Arts and Sciences of the Art of the University of the Sorbonne. In recent years, Marie’s artistic approach has evolved around questions about role of cultural heritage, identity and uprooting. A trip to Beirut in 2010 and a visit to National Archaeological Museum closed and bombed during the civil war and restored by a heroic heroic after 10 years of conflict, was at the origin of this reflection and constituted a source inspiration that has evolved over time and given rise to new arise. Marie essentially uses acrylic paint as a medium. Classical music is inseparable from its creative approach because, according to Marie, it is this that makes emerge the feelings. It is also the case of long walks in the Nordic nature which give birth to new ideas and visions. “Before starting a new canvas, the painting is already ready in my head. “Marie mainly exhibits in Sweden but also does several exhibitions in Paris on the theme of “Exile”