Lynn Muir


Lynn Muir Wooden Figures


After studying Illustration at Colchester School of Art, Lynn Muir moved to North Cornwall with her husband and family. It was here, in a coastal village overlooking the Atlantic, that she established her workshop.

Lynn’s whimsical driftwood sculptures display a keen observation of life and a lively sense of humour. Each wooden figure begins life as driftwood, collected- usually after a strong south-westerly gale, on Lynn’s local beach.

Sometimes the wood itself suggests figurative forms, while at other times the artist has an idea and has to scour the beach for the right piece. Lynn works on each piece with hand tools as well as machine saws and sander wheels, and describes her use of these machines on the wood as drawing ‘like a pencil to paper’. She then ‘illustrates’ each figure with pen and paint. As each figure progresses, new textures and shapes reveal themselves to her, allowing the work to evolve in the making.