Lucienne de Mauny



Lucienne has been potting professionally since 1982. After studying Ceramics for her first degree she served an apprenticeship in one of the last surviving traditional country potteries in England. She went on to work as a production thrower in Northern France.

Lucienne’s high-fired earthenwares all have a practical purpose, and many are inspired by Lucienne’s own culinary pursuits. Each piece is hand-thrown and decorated with slips using traditional techniques and tools: Lucienne continues to’slip-trail’ using a cows horn and goose quill; a versatile tool lending itself to both fluent, rapid mark making and the more considered gestures required for lettering. Her signature piece is the Star Gazey Pâté Pot.

Since the early 1980s, Lucienne has created and supplied thirteen ranges of table and bakeware to over forty galleries and retail outlets nationally and abroad, including Liberty of Regent Street, London.