Penkridge Ceramics



Lorraine Taylor and Nicky Smart’s still life studies in clay form a unique body of work which is now regarded as the best in its field. Their influence lies in tromp l’oeil and early still life painting of fruits.

All the work that goes into making each piece- the designing, modelling and mould making, glazing and hand finishing is carried out at their studio in Walsall, near Birmingham. The only aspect of the work not done in the studio is their range of metal leaves and twigs. These are designed and produced by Sculptor Alan Ballantyne. This is a relatively new development to the range, which adds an extra dimension to the work by creating individual pieces of ‘still life’ that can stand alone as sculptural works in their own right, as well as giving that final touch to a grouping of fruits.

Each piece in the range is individually considered, with several layers of glaze added to create both colour and texture giving a ‘super real’ effect, which provokes first surprise and immense interest in the accuracy of the finish.

Their pieces have been collected by a number of private individuals, galleries and interior designers in the UK and abroad.