Liz Willis




I am a contemporary jeweller inspired by the environments that I see around me while out running. Travelling on foot through the landscape allows us a greater appreciation of the colours, contours and textures of the world around us, and gives us the opportunity to see aspects of the environment not often noticed in the rush and chaos of day to day life. Each piece evolves from an aspect of a run that catches my attention, from flat slate pebbles on a beach that slide sideways when stepped on, or a footpath disappearing down a lichen-rich tree tunnel, to being surrounded by the vibrant colours and noises of a large road race like the London Marathon. Recently I have been incorporating found objects in my work, particularly those which have been made by the hands of earlier generations, that have had a previous use & history, & that can be worked on by my hands to give them a new use & a future. I work mainly with silver, & hand stitch silk threads over it to add the appropriate colours and textures associated with the inspiration for a particular piece.