Lesley Carruthers



Lesley Carruthers’ widely acclaimed sculptures are the product of a largely intuitive process, always informed and inspired by the landscapes in which she has lived and worked. 
Among her many commissions during her time in East Anglia was one for a major piece of public art. She also appeared in the Anglia TV series ‘Coastal Inspirations’, which featured local artists inspired by the landscape. 
Her work is much sought after, often by collectors, who have found the sculptures add a very special kind of visual appeal to a garden or domestic setting. 
Her return to her native Scotland a few years ago to live on the shores of Loch Long has resulted in an impressive and fascinating new body of work, including some new bronze pieces.
 Lesley describes her technique as instinctive: “often happening without advance planning or rational thought”, and she describes the creative process as both unpredictable and unfathomable.