Krys Leach




Crate Art is a series of paintings in three dimensions. It’s a technique I’ve developed in which overlapping layers heighten perspective and found objects are blended into the canvas in a way which – hopefully – makes them almost indistinguishable from the painting itself. This requires a high level of attention to detail and a hyper-realist approach to the brushwork. The result, however, often makes people stop to look closer and re-examine what they’re looking at. The paintings certainly invite you to consider the relationship between the actual and the representation. But more than that, I hope they invite you to share the fun I had making them!

Apart from the human figure, travel is my main inspiration. I’ve visited all five continents and been invigorated by the unfamiliar textures, colours and light effects I’ve found there. The challenge – for me – is to find innovative ways to represent them. A breath of Fresh Air includes pieces from three of my favourite destinations : Iceland, Ireland and Antarctica. I hope they stir your imagination as much as they stirred mine!