Kristian Krokfors



Kristian Krokfors was born in Finland in 1952. From 1973-74 he studied Art at the University of Industrial Arts in Helsinki. In 1974 he moved to England to study at Leicester Polytechnic, where he received his BA in 1977. From 1977-78 he completed the Advanced Printmaking Course at Croydon College of Art before returning to Helsinki, where he currently lives and works.

Kristian Krokfors is an eminently serious artist. His works are in no sense didactic, but if you were to ask what they are “about”, the answer would spring unbidden, without any verbal prompting from him. Yes, they are, they must be, about the environment. They take as their evident, immediate subject the splendors and miseries of town planning and urbanism’s shaky relations with whatever belt of green it chooses to girdle itself with. They look at the dryness of the desert, the acrid smoke that belches from factories, the wind that shakes the barley – or would, if there were any barley left to shake.