Kristin Vestgard



Kirstin was born in Norway and studied at Falmouth College of art in 2000. She now creates her artwork from her studio in Åsgårdstrand, Norway.

‘I go searching with my oil paints, entering an unknowingness, searching intuitively for what is meant to happen on the canvas. I draw inspiration from processing everything that comes my way, the people, atmospheres, nature and emotions. I keep looking for poetry with a nerve or an essence that brings meaning when working. I always try to purvey a sense of hope, maybe just for myself, an understanding or empathy that only whispers between what is light and dark in life. In my work I can create my own paths. Sometimes it is as if I try opening a door to an otherness or ‘otherworldliness’ where there is a place for me, a place where I can belong, a hopeful and more gentle place to be… I think I sort of protest quietly against the harshness of this world!’