Kate Aggett



After graduating with a BA honours degree in Fashion Textiles in 1992, Kate has developed and flourished creatively, moving on from her beginnings as a knitwear and textiles designer to her current position as a collage artist.

Working from photographs, sketches and memory she creates beautiful images based on scenes from the Devon and Cornwall coastline and countryside. An abiding passion for colour, fabric and texture is key to her unique collages.

Although Kate’s work could be described as mixed media, not a drop of paint or other traditional artists materials are used to create her pictures (apart from the use of a pencil and occasionally a white highlighter pen!) Instead she uses handmade papers, card, cotton, denim, silks and a whole array of other fabrics. These are all hand cut, torn, frayed, shredded and burnt to create an image executed with great dexterity and precision. Other ‘ingredients’ found within the pictures are often sourced and collected whilst out walking her dog, such as lichen, bark, leaves and feathers. These organic materials give an authentic quality to her work.