Jo Lavelle



Jo Lavelle’s jewellery is lovingly created from her studio in Altrincham and has run a successful jewellery studio since graduating in 1996. Jo use’s mainly silver in her designs with touches of gold. All pieces are handmade using traditional jewellery making techniques and casting.

Her jewellery style can be described as fun, moveable, multi-layered, textured and playful. The most popular range of jewellery made is called Pompom. Pompom is characterised by the use of small silver tags that are bunched together in various ways adding a textural shape and a voluminous kinetic effect that is pleasurable to the wearer. Soldering is a particular skill honed by Jo as each ring is individually soldered to keep all units safe and making all jewellery very wearable.

“I love my jewellery to be worn everyday not stuck in a jewellery box.”