Jenny Wheatley



Jenny’s work is based around her love of colour, influenced by her many travels to India, Cuba, the Pacific, Cyprus and Europe.

One of the youngest members to be elected to both the RWS and the NEAC at the time, she has exhibited and painted now constantly for many years.

In the early years she painted solely from direct observation in situ, but as time has passed she tends to work more and more in the studio from the drawings and paintings she does while travelling. These paintings are a summation of the sense of place and reactions to her travels and environment. In them she tries to capture the essence, smell and taste of place by combining elements that stay with her long after her trips have ended. They are a consolidation of her memory and her experiences. A big reader, her paintings also have a number of literary references and try to capture a sense of enchantment using figurative elements she collects in her many sketchbooks as reference of her observations of people, places and situations.