Gilly Marklew



Gilly Marklew is a watercolour artist, and has found since graduating from Leeds Polytechnic in the 1980’s many outlets to earn a living and exhibit as a representational artist. From museum work to being an in-house illustrator in advertising, being a children’s book illustrator, and latterly to being an adult education tutor and exhibiting artist, she has won awards at the Royal Institute of Painters in watercolour and the Society of East Anglian Watercolourists, exhibiting with the Royal Watercolour Society and the Royal Society of British Artists.
Gilly Marklew loves exploring different subjects, styles and approaches to painting with watercolour. She frequently gives in to the temptation to explore avenues she is stimulating her students to pursue, which leaves her interests as mercurial and fluid as the pigment travelling over her watercolour paper, however her work is unmistakably ‘ Gilly Marklew’ whatever she does.