Gerdine Duijsens



Gerdine Duijsens is a Dutch artist based in Amsterdam, whose recognisable and strongly stylised work has generated a steadily growing club of aficionados worldwide.

Gerdine’s work is a synthesis between the figurative and the abstract. Her free and painterly style works well with the often inebriated characters she depicts. These gluttonous socialites are shown mid-party; slurping oysters and huge piles of strawberries or demanding excessive quantities of champagne.

Dining scenes have now become Gerdine’s trademark, but she is also known for her fully abstract works, as well as depictions of animals. Her animals are dynamic and powerful, the direct opposite to their comically sloppy human counterparts.

Gerdine’s work is housed in permanent collections in the Bijenkorf Amsterdam, Rotterdam den hag Eindhoven and Maastricht Galleries. She exhibits in galleries and art fairs worldwide.