Frances Bloomfield



Frances Bloomfield is an artist living and working in Brighton. Notable shows include Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge and at the German contemporary show Documenta VI, where she was a guest of Joseph Beuys. Alongside this she has worked as a freelance graphic designer with a wide and varied range of clients. Recently she designed the typography for a new public art piece in Ebbw Vale. She lectured in Graphic Design in London for several years at Sir John Cass School of Art & Design and the University of the Arts.

Frances creates fascinating dreamscapes, exquisitely created in three-dimensional collage. Each stage set-like piece plays with space and perspective to draw the viewer into the artist’s curious imagined worlds. Although her subject matter is drawn from the world we exist in, her work always contains a suggestion of parallel realities. It might be a juxtaposition of what is considered ‘real’ and what is imagined or desired, or the conflict between the façade and what could really be occurring behind it. However, the meanings are far from prescriptive and it is for the viewer to contemplate and reflect upon these mysterious scenarios.

Inspiration for the work comes from an eclectic range of sources- industrial ruins, the back streets of several European cities, geometry and wiring diagrams, maps and plans, detritus from the seashore, unusual found objects and various texts, most notably writing from R.D.Laing, Gaston Bachelard and Italo Calvino.