Fletcher Sibthorp



“I am not out to rock the world with my insights, but in some way I hope these paintings will touch the soul of someone, for a moment. If this is the case I have achieved what I have set out to do.”

Born in Hertfordshire in 1967, Fletcher Sibthorp has had a successful career as a painter since graduating with Honours from Kingston University in 1989. He has exhibited his work widely for almost ten years, hosting solo shows in London, Hong Kong and Japan. Widely recognised for his dance paintings, Sibthorp has also produced a number of other series, most recently his ‘Quiet Space’ project. Described by the artist as one of his most personal series, he says “Quiet Space represents for me, captured moments of human introspection and frailty, instants which exist and then are gone, whether an expression, the way light falls and catches the face, or a simple portrait.”