Fiona Thompson

Craft Artist



I focus on the non-functional hand built ceramic vessel, with multiple layered surfaces. They are built by hand, then painted and printed with coloured slips; some have incised lines, lino- printed or mono-printed imagery. They are glazed with a variety of glazes. Decals are then applied; made from my drawings and photographs, also metal lustres on some. I make work in series exploring particular themes, mainly focusing on one form at a time; usually a very familiar and everyday object or vessel. Most recent pieces are vases, drawing on an historic tradition of using the vase as a canvas to convey narrative, imagery and place. Current and previous subjects include tourism, the souvenir and museum display/natural history collections. Much of my work explores nostalgia, memory and the act of being a tourist.

My current ‘North American Momento’ series follows on from previous projects looking at trips to Europe. This series has focused on revisiting travel memories of some of my first trips to the US and Canada in the late 1990s/early 2000s; drawing on my extensive photo collection of various locations and other objects such as maps and travel guides. The overriding themes are nostalgia, commemorating past experiences, touristic and photographic ‘seeing’ and using the permanence of the ceramic vessel as a way to present this.

‘A souvenir from Europe’ series has been inspired by various short trips to European destinations over the last couple of years; Nice, Brussels, Ghent, Bremen and Paris, and revisits previous research into tourism. Contextualising yourself as a tourist allows you to look at yourself and how you see, interpet and communicate what is there.